You Need To See This Star's Inspiring Message To Women Of All Ages

It's been a while since we've seen Amanda Peet on the big screen. But don't let her minor hiatus throw you off, she's about to steal the spotlight again... for the most incredible reason!

In her essay, "Never Crossing The Botox Rubicon," Peet unapologetically opens up about aging in Hollywood--and what that means for her beauty routine.

"I care about my looks," she writes. "I've bleached by teeth, dyed my hair, peeled and lasered my face, and tried a slew of age-defying creams."

Peet doesn't stop at "looking" older, she talks about what it's like to actually BE older in Hollywood.

"Everyone's looking at me like, Let go, you bullheaded old hag!"

But what's most inspiring and heartfelt about the 44-year-old's note is that she accepts that her dream of being "perfect" is actually her biggest imperfection--a message women of ALL ages can relate to.

"Since we're all going to get wrinkly and die, maybe we've got to move in a direction of acceptance about that."