Will.i.am Is Taking Fashion And Earphones To A Whole New Level

When you think of headphones, one of the first products that comes to mind is probably Beats. They may pack a punch of sound, but they're not the sleekest in the audio game. So why not create a mashup of fashion and technology? Will.i.am did and his brainchild is about to rock the world.


Made by i.am+, Buttons look like metallic, clip-on earrings met tiny, vinyl records to form chic earphones that you can get away with wearing all day long.

"Why does the accessory only favor the phone and not my outfit?" will.i.am told Refinery29. "There has to be some middle ground between the two worlds."

When not in your ears, Buttons can be worn around your neck like a necklace. But it's not just about fashion, you can listen to your favorite tunes and make calls via a microphone and built-in remote. Thinking you want to buy a pair of these cutting-edge earphones for yourself? All they cost is a cool $230 from the Apple Store.