This Sunscreen Fact Will Help You Prevent A Summer Burn

In most cases, “natural” products are the way to go. Today’s world is filled with millions of pollutants that are harming our body and mind. But, there are some products that you should always stick to the name brand. Recently, Consumer Reports discovered that sunscreen is one product that you should never buy with a natural label.

Researchers tested 104 lotions over four years and determined that only 26 percent of natural sunscreens met proper skin protection standards set by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Overall, the most effective sunscreens were chemically based and only one natural product stood out - Cotz Skin Care Plus 58. The study found that the naturally based lotions sit on top of the screen instead of penetrating it. This factor allows the sunscreen to wash off easily and leave your skin vulnerable. Also, UV light is more likely to break through superficial minerals rather than chemical particles.

Come summertime, it’s best to reach for the top brand lotions. It’s more important to risk the ingredients than expose yourself to harmful UV rays that can lead to cancer. Consumer Reports also emphasized that sunscreen cannot block 100 percent of deadly rays. Your summer skin protection should consist of not only sunscreen but also a hat and sunglasses.

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