This New Australian Label Lets You Design Your Own Handbag

Who would have ever thought that a child's toy would become the inspiration behind an incredibly successful handbag company that puts the power of design into your hands. This is Mon Purse.

It all began when 30-year-old Lana Hopkins left her unsuccessful adventure for a one-of-a-kind handbag and found herself strolling into a Build-A-Bear Workshop store to craft a gift for her nephew. And that's when the idea hit her.

"I was so excited about building a bear," she says. "I thought, I’m a 30-year old woman, what’s wrong with me? At that moment, I wondered how happy my girlfriends and I would be if we could design our own bag as well."


Soon after, Mon Purse was born - selling customizable accessories and bags made from premium European leathers without necessarily breaking your bank. Items range from $35 for a heart-shaped key ring to $480 for a bowler bag.

The coolest part? 3D technology puts your ideas sized to scale and offers countless combinations from the type of leather to the finishings.

"For my creative team and me, it’s not about dictating but rather about empowering customers with options," Hopkins says.

Guess we know what's on your Christmas wish list this year!