This Beauty Tutorial Will Break Your Heart

Looking for a tube of red lipstick on the market? Eighteen year old Reshma from Mumbai will walk you through the make-up routine “To Get Perfect Red Lips”. It may look like another DIY Pinterest tutorial, but this video was launched by the Indian Awareness Organization, Make Love Not Scars. In most cultures, walking safely to school is not only apart of our daily life, but a right. The brave and beautiful woman in the video, Reshma was heading to school, ready to take an exam in the northern town of Allabad last May. Her day took a crippling turn when her brother-in-law and certain relatives threw sulfuric acid over her face. She not only suffered severe burns, but lost her left eye and a partially closed-infected right eye.


Reshma’s most important tip? “You’ll find a red lipstick easily in the market ....just like concentrated acid,” states the acid attack victim. Reshma and other survivors are calling for tighter regulations on the sale of corrosive liquids. The IndieGoGo campaign raised $9,000 for her extensive surgery, but this is not the case for all women. The affects of acid attacks go beyond the severely damaged, burn skin tissue and often exposes and dissolves to the bones. Thousands of acid attacks occur every year, and the survivors are forced to not only live with the physical disfigurement, but the psychological and social scars as well.


Looking to support the cause? Please take the time to watch Reshma’s video. You can support the stop of acid attacks and make a difference by signing this important petition.