The Shocking Reason Women Are Paying More Than Men For The Same Products

When you were a kid you probably didn’t notice that the pink bicycle helmet was $13 more than the blue one, you wanted pink and that was that! But as you got older and started making more purchases on your own, prices probably started to matter a lot more than what colors it comes in.

Take razors, for instance:

Why is the blue version $4 cheaper than the purple? A sneaky retail trick dubbed the “gender tax” by a recent New York City Department of Consumer Affairs report.

Researchers looked at nearly 800 products that sold male and female versions. More than 40 percent of the time there was a significant markup for female-targeted products—i.e. the pink one.

The report suggests women are paying thousands of dollars more than men over the course of their lives.

Sure, there are instances were a price increase makes sense—extra lotion strips on a razor for shaving your legs, or more ingredients added to skin care products—but the real issue is that the price increase is mostly unavoidable for women.

So there may be times where we can buy cheaper male products like this one:

But as far as personal care products, like hair care, razors and especially lotion, we’re looking at an average cost of 13 percent more than men. As for clothing, we’re paying 8 percent more than guys are.

The biggest retail culprits the DCA report looked at were Walgreens, CVS, H&M, Toys ‘R’ Us, GAP and J.Crew! You can view the full list here. Don’t feel hopeless, spread the word about #GenderPricing, and share what you think about the gender tax by leaving a comment below!