The One Beauty Product You Need To Add To Your Skin-Care Regimen

Whether you're a maximalist or a minimalist, there's a new trending product that everyone can get behind: a powerful little thing called a facial mist.

If you ask Brad Scoggins, the co-founder of natural beauty brand Little Barn Apothecary, he'll tell you that "facial mists are today's toners." Not only are they convenient enough to keep on your desk, they help you set your makeup throughout the day and offer some serious benefits for your skin.

"They restore your skin’s pH balance after cleansing, and increase hydration levels when followed by a moisturizer on still-damp skin," Scoggins says. "This will trap all the beneficial elements where you want them, force them to be absorbed, and stop evaporation."


Not sure where to start? Give the Little Barn Apothecary Bamboo + Fresh Mint Clearing Mist a shot for the added bonus of relieving a little stress off your shoulders. Fighting a pesky breakout? Try Root Science Tonic to keep your pores clean.