See What Kate Middleton Loves To Do To De-Stress

The Duchess of Cambridge is certainly not one to take her health lightly, and now that we know what one of her favorite hobbies is, we love her even more. So what's the latest trick Kate Middleton has up her chic sleeves? Adult coloring books.


"Prince William actually said that his wife likes to color in the Secret Garden, which was really sweet," illustrator and the brain behind the popular coloring book Johanna Basford told The Telegraph.

In a world where everyone seems to be craving a "digital detox," and since she was an art history major at St. Andrews, it's no wonder that Kate has jumped on the coloring bandwagon. And we can only assume that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are total fans of their mum's hobby too!

So instead of focusing on your worries, take yourself back to your childhood, find your happy place, open up your imagination to get those creative juices and positive vibes flowing, and grab yourself an adult coloring book and box of crayons! You'll generate wellness and fall into a relaxing state of mind.