Now You Can Mimic Your Favorite Celebs With Custom-Made Westward Leaning Sunglasses

You can't beat those unforgiving rays of sunshine beaming into your eyes without the perfect pair of sunglasses. But we're not talking about just any pair of sunnies - what you need is to channel your inner Reese Witherspoon, Katy Perry, and Alessandra Ambrosio and design yourself some Westward Leaning shades.


Unless you're an A-lister, finding a chic pair of sunnies that won't break your bank isn't exactly the easiest feat - until now. California-based brand Westward Leaning is launching Westward Leaning Custom, giving customers DIY-access to design their own personalized specs. And we're not just talking about the lenses, the philanthropic-minded company is allowing shoppers to choose every detail - the shape and color of the frame and lenses, the finish, and even the inside pieces, all adding up to 23,000 unique combinations.

Prices range from $205-$365, so get yours today!