Never Lose Anything Again With This Easy Memory Trick

Thanks to the good doctors at Johns Hopkins University, there might be a solution to always forgetting where your belongings are.

Jason Fischer, PhD, is a cognitive neuroscientist at the university’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. He recently discovered something unusual happens when we are trying to find lost items: it helps to think about the texture of the object. Dr. Fischer has said that this can actually be more helpful than trying to remember the visual properties of lost objects.

In a study, Fischer and his team asked participants to identify items in a pile of clutter. Those who identified objects using tactile traits, such as hardness or softness, were 20% more successful at the scientific game of "I Spy" than their counterparts who focused on visual attributes like color and shape.

“What makes the finding particularly striking from a vision science standpoint is that simply knowing the latent physical properties of objects is enough to help guide your attention to them. It’s surprising because nearly all prior research in this area has focused on a host of visual properties that can facilitate search, but we find that what you know about objects can be as important as what you actually see,” Dr. Fischer explained.

This means if you’re trying to find your keys two minutes before you have to leave the house, just think about the texture of your keys. This just might just spark a Eureka! moment and help you be able to remember where you last set them down.