How to Regrow Scallions In a Few Easy Steps

Nothing says “I’ve leveled up my cooking skills” like adding a tasteful garnish of scallions. Not only do they add to the taste and look of your dish, they’re also incredibly easy to regrow at home.

To begin, cut off the white end of the scallion. Place each end root-down in a glass or potter filled with enough water to cover the bulbs completely. To really step up the visual aesthetics of your new plants, place them in a fancy glass. Put the jars near the sunniest window in your house and wait.

Within just a few days, you should begin to see regrowth. In about another week, you should have enough to chop off and cut up to add to your next culinary masterpiece. If you notice the water starting to get low, just pour in a little more.

You are more than welcome to put multiple bulbs in the same container. The limit, of course, depends on the size of the cup. If the scallions begin to get too crowded in that container, feel free to move them over to a larger glass and change out the water.

If the scallions are stored properly in the fridge, they should last up to at least a week. The best trick is place them in a jar filled with a few inches of water and cover them with a Ziploc bag.

If your regrowth is producing more scallions than you need, store extra pre-cut scallions in the freezer for another time. HGTV recommends storing them in a plastic bottle to create a DIY scallion shaker.

Scallions are probably one of the easiest plants to regrow in water, but they are far from the only option. You can also try your hand at regrowing leeks, bok choy, basil, or cilantro.