Gwyneth Paltrow Released A Vegan Makeup Line And Even Named Lipsticks After Her Famous Friends

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her amazingly healthy lifestyle, and now she has a new makeup line proving just how health-conscious she is.

The Oscar-winning actress teamed up with Juice Beauty to create a makeup line consisting of 78 products, and each product, from the packaging to the contents, are 100% vegan.

Paltrow even honored her friends like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz by naming them after her favorite colors! But even though she is super health conscious, she still loves indulging in a glass of wine now and then, so it only made sense for her to name other products after her favorite flavors.

"Normally you'll get a red that's that red from crushed insects or lead," Paltrow said. "Lead is what makes lipstick red." But that isn't the direction she led her products. The pigments and colors were created by crushing flowers, which gave the products gorgeous and natural results, without sacrificing the integrity of the line.

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