Glossier Donates Thousands Of Bottles Of Hand Cream To Healthcare Professionals

With nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals washing their hands non-stop while working with coronavirus patients, their hands are often left cracked and dry. So, hand cream is becoming a highly requested item from healthcare professionals across the country. We have seen many companies step up during these unprecedented times to donate products and money to people in need. Glossier is joining in.

The beauty company is launching their first ever hand cream and giving away 10,000 tubes to healthcare professionals in need.

“One of the most frequent requests we’ve received during this time is for a hand cream,” Glossier CEO Emily Weiss said. “As it happens, our community has been asking the same thing: We’ve been working on Glossier Hand Cream for nearly two years, and have been so excited to bring it into the world this spring. We designed Hand Cream with connection and community in mind--over the years, we’ve heard so many stories about strangers talking, even becoming friends, because they spotted someone using Balm Dotcom in the wild, and we had hoped that Hand cream might also inspire connection through beauty.”

At their core, Glossier always hopes to inspire connection through beauty. Weiss said that the first available round of Hand Cream will be donated to healthcare professionals.

“For the doctors and nurses who are gathering every day to care for patients, it makes sense to get Hand Cream to them first. We’ll be donating the first 10,000 units of Hand Cream to healthcare workings in the U.S., Glossier’s home base.”

Glossier released a statement saying that the donated units had already been claimed by verified healthcare workers. It is unsure if there will be more donations forthcoming.

For non-essential workers, hand cream can help foster connection and bring comfort to people.

“Our hands are a conduit for connection, helping us to create moments of joy and comfort through waves, hugs, and handwritten notes,” Glossier wrote.