Get Healthier Hair With These Easy Steps!

Our bodies are always changing, and it seems as though with each passing day we're being told to change something in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Although it may be hard to keep up with, by adding certain things to your diet, or eliminating certain things from your diet, can either positively or negatively affect your health.


If you have noticed that your hair isn't as shiny or isn't as soft, the solution could be as small as adding a supplement or more protein to your diet. Your hair is made of mostly protein, so in order to maintain its health, you need plenty of it in your diet. You can up your protein by eating beans, nuts, fish, lean meat, eggs, and yogurt.


Healthy fat will also help the health of your hair. Raw nuts, seeds, avocado, flax, all have oils that keep your hair feeling soft and touchable. Without fat, nutrients don't get absorbed.


Iron is also amazing for your hair. It supports circulation and is considered critical to the health of skin and hair. You can add more iron to your diet by eating beans, eggs, meat, broccoli, and spinach.

If those changes still don't help your hair problem, then you may have low zinc levels in your body. Low zinc levels directly cause hair loss, but you can get more in your diet by eating oysters, beans, crabs, lobster, chicken, and nuts.