Clever Ways to Reuse Old Pill Bottles

Every household has that one junk drawer filled with the most random objects ever accumulated: rubber bands, about 10,000 free pens, a mini sewing kit, and empty pill bottles. While we might be tempted to toss those empty bottles during cleaning frenzies, they are good to have around. There are some pretty clever ways to upcycle these objects.

Organize Jewelry

While we often throw necklaces and rings into our jewelry boxes, it is nice to try and keep things as organized as possible. Old pill bottles can serve as a place to put your favorite rings or earrings so they don’t get lost, allowing you to accessorize in half the time!

Use for Travel-Size Toiletries

We all hate buying travel-size toiletries from the store, and throwing away our full size products at the airport is always a heartbreaker. You can skip the store and reuse your old pill bottles to create the perfect travel-size toiletries while saving some cash! Just squeeze a little bit of your favorite products into the old pill bottles and you are good to go. Best of all, you can measure out how much you’ll need so it’s perfectly customized to your needs.

Organizing Loose Change

Organizing and counting change can always be a hassle. Old pill bottles can help sort out the loose change from your pockets and backpacks easily. Try keeping some empty bottles by the door so you can throw your change in them as soon as you walk in the door. It’ll save you some serious time and energy when you get around to rolling your change to take to the bank.

Grow Seedling

It seems a little odd, but a pill bottle is actually a perfect starter for any plant you’re trying to grow from seeds. Stuff a few damp cotton balls at the bottom of the bottle and cover with a layer of soil. By attaching a magnet to the side, you can watch them grow as a decorative planter-magnet on your fridge. Once the plant is big enough, transfer it to a larger pot and find some new seedlings for your DIY pill bottle planter.

Store Spices

If matching spice jars aren't a part of your kitchen aesthetic, look around your medicine cabinet to see if you can save some money by using empty pill bottles. The containers fit nicely in a spice rack, and as an added benefit, the plastic used to protect medicines from harsh lighting can help protect your spices as well.