Celebrity Stylist Shares Tips For Maintaining Roots During Quarantine

We as a country are deeply missing our favorite beauty treatments and regimens. We're missing our hairstylists and aestheticians and the everyday miracles they perform for us. If you, like me, have roots down to your ears, fear not. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton just shared a video with tips on touching up your roots at home. Just a warning--you still might be better off waiting for an actual appointment, but these are dire times!

Cover Grays With Temporary Hair Dye

You can cover up some of your stray grays with a little bit of temporary hair dye. Appleton recommends Color Wow Root Cover Up, which sells for $35. It is available in multiple colors, so you can pick the shade closest to your hair color. Simply brush the product onto your roots and it instantly masks your grays with transfer-proof pigments.

Use Vaseline Around Your Hairline Before Using Permanent Hair Dye

Before picking up a box of permanent hair dye, be sure to trace your hairline with a thin layer of Vaseline to keep dye from staining your skin.

Part Your Hair Into 4 Sections, Making a “T”

To ensure even application, Appleton suggests parting your hair into four sections that make a “T” shape with the front and back. Using this method will allow the most coverage without having to guesswork on the back of your hair.

For A Full Head Of Color, Work In Sections

By using that same “T” method we just talked about, start there and continue to work in ¼ inch sections when applying color. Repeat across your head.