By Subtracting the “Plus”, ModCloth Added Some Serious Body-Positivity to The Fashion World

In an age where we are constantly pressured to define ourselves and others around us, there is something incredibly liberating about ditching labels altogether. That’s why many are celebrating the popular fashion brand ModCloth and its recent announcement that they will no longer feature a “plus-size” section on their website. Instead, they will simply offer their clothing in a wide range of sizes.

ModCloth co-founder and chief creative officer Susan Koger explained, "We really feel like shopping categories should be defined by types of clothing, not types of bodies."

The brand’s body positive sentiment falls line with the popular #DropThePlus movement, which advocates for the elimination of the term “plus-size” because it is an unnecessary qualification that many women find to be hurtful and isolating. The movement especially calls for change in the world of retail, and ModCloth has been applauded by many for answering that call.

While ModCloth’s website will now feature an “extended sizes” tab, Kroger clarifies that this is only because not every piece on the website is available in every size. Ideally, the section will include petite, tall, and XXS options, so that customers can find their favorite items in their size more quickly.

“ModCloth’s mission is to help women feel like the best version of themselves,” Kroger stated. “We believe this is another way we can promote inclusivity.”

Here’s hoping that ModCloth has set a new trend in the fashion community and other brands will be following suit soon.