Billie Tells Us To Stop Apologizing In New Campaign

Quarantine has, at the very least, been an unpredictable rollercoaster of emotions for many of us. One day, we’re making sourdough bread and regrowing our shallots. The next, we're deeply unshowered and unwilling to get out of bed. Many of us have also felt the compulsion to retain some sense of normalcy and productivity through at-home workouts, new hobbies, or social media. Some of the biggest pressures we can face during these times is how we look on these dreaded Zoom calls with co-workers, family, and friends.

Billie, a personal care company that sells razors, dry shampoo, and lip balms, says we should stop apologizing for the way that we look.

Their newest ad campaign was inspired by their own team, which is made up of 80% women.

“With many of us working from home, we’re suddenly coming face to face with our own faces several times a day via video chat,” a spokesperson said. “Too often, our knee-jerk reaction is to scrutinize the face staring back at us and immediately apologize for it, often without even realizing we’re doing it. Maybe it’s for our unwashed hair, shiny foreheads, or grown-in eyebrows--but in reality, we’re just apologizing for looking like ourselves.”

Billie hopes that with this new campaign, people will stop apologizing and giving excuses for the way they look in isolation.