Anna Wintour Addresses Met Gala Audience

Almost 13,000 viewers tuned into “A Moment With the Met,” Vogue’s virtual Youtube event to virtually celebrate the first Monday in May. Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, delivered a short history about the Costume Institute, then removed her iconic dark sunglasses and addressed the audience.

She talked about the 2020 Met Gala theme “About Time”--set to open in October--A Common Thread video series for young designers and gave her best wishes for the world.

"This is a time of grief and of hardship for millions, and the postponement of a party is nothing in comparison,” she went on to encourage viewers to donate to the Metropolitan Museum of Art if they are able.

It is a peculiar sight to see Anna Wintour dressed quite simply on the first Monday in May, as opposed to an elegantly designed ensemble that embodies this year’s theme. This video provided us with a glimpse into Anna’s home office, which appears to have floor-to-ceiling shelves lined with every issue of American Vogue. Of course, Anna’s home is masterfully decorated with the most simplistic white walls and paintings, allowing for a colorfully painted vase to pop behind her.

She then introduced Florence Welch, a fellow Brit, and gave acknowledgement to her Met curator, Andrew Bolton.

“‘About Time’ is the most poignant and most extraordinary exhibition that curator Andrew Bolton has ever created.”

Though the Met Gala has been postponed indefinitely for 2020, Anna provided a wonderfully chic chat with the perfect backdrop, a sense of humanity and personalization by removing her glasses and letting us into her home.