Adding Mental-Strength Training To Your Morning Routine Will Improve Your Overall Health!

Getting your morning started is never an easy task, especially if that means having to become a "morning person." It's hard to feel invincible any time of day, let alone in the morning, but Guru Jagat has a foolproof plan to make it happen.

"We've all spent a lot of time focusing on weaknesses--neuroticizing, habituating, and regurgitating them to our friends, therapists, and anyone who will listen to us," Jagat said. "Instead of going down that well-trodden path, let's focus on our strengths."

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This task is easier said than done, but the key to its success is keeping your approach simple. Guru Jagat wants us to do something when we first wake up. It can be as simple as repeating to yourself that you will live your day the way you see fit -- not the way your past circumstances dictate or the way someone tells you to do so.

"If you just do something consistently for three minutes a day, it's so much more effective and so much more life-changing than going to a yoga class once a month," Jagat said. "All of our habits are daily grooves in the neurology, in the biochemistry. So, in order to change them, we have to do something--even if it's short--every day."

Next time you find yourself wanting to hit the snooze button, add some mental-health exercises to your morning routine instead!